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The Regina Knight Case Essay Example

The Regina Knight Case Paper The legitimate reference of the case. Regina v [2001] NSWSC 1011 (8 november 2001) The components of the off...

Tuesday, August 25, 2020

The Regina Knight Case Essay Example

The Regina Knight Case Paper The legitimate reference of the case. Regina v [2001] NSWSC 1011 (8 november 2001) The components of the offense. All together for a preliminary to be brought, the police and examiners may have the option to demonstrate that the components of the specific offense are available. In this criminal case both Actus reus, Mens rea also causation was plainly appeared through the conduct of Katherine Knight. Actus reus is the term alluding to ‘guilty act’ meaning any intentional activities of oversights that comprises to a wrongdoing, it is the physical component of an offense Her Actus reus is appeared through her demonstration of wounding him multiple times and killing him. She additionally slashed off his head and cooked it with vegetables and cleaned larger part of his body. It is sure to state her demonstration was deliberate, noxious and malicious. Mens rea alludes to ‘guilty mind’ and is characterized as the perspective requiring establishing a specific wrongdoing which is the psychological component of an offense. Obviously the homicide was pre-reflected. Her mens rea is demonstrated all the more plainly by the remarks made by the detainee to different people showing aim, remarks made by Mr. rice to others which showed his apprehensions for his life, remarks of a comparative kind made by the detainee to Mr Price within the sight of others and the direct of the detainee in the days paving the way to the homicide. She compromised Mr. Cost and said â€Å"You’ll never get me out of this house. I am going to slaughter expensive and I will pull off it, I’ll pull off it cause I’ll make out, I’m frantic. The causa tion of the frequency was clear. She needed to execute him and she performed actus reus and his life finished on her hands. We will compose a custom exposition test on The Regina Knight Case explicitly for you for just $16.38 $13.9/page Request now We will compose a custom exposition test on The Regina Knight Case explicitly for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Recruit Writer We will compose a custom exposition test on The Regina Knight Case explicitly for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Recruit Writer Variables that may have prompted the criminal conduct. There are a couple of variables that may record to the conduct of Knight. It incorporates mental elements, social components, and personal responsibility. Knight is said to have been determined to have the marginal character issue and to have experienced a post awful pressure issue. Her marginal character issue may have added to the wrongdoing however is said by specialist Delaforce and lambeth that the homicide was pre-pondered and her conduct features the insult idea of the detainee. Dr. Delaforce additionally considered that the detainee appreciated viewing grisly and upsetting recordings entitled, for example, â€Å"Resurrection†. His Honor reflects â€Å"That video provided for the activities by the detainee comparable to Mr. Price’s body a feeling of â€Å"copy feline. Knight had nearly played out precisely the same assignment and scene of homicide to Mr Price contrasted with the homicide in â€Å"Resurrection†. Albeit nothing is 100% demonstrated, she has said that she had been genuinely mishandled by two of her siblings when she was youthful and that on one event her dad occupied with action reminiscent of some sexual association with her. She has been in two true connections and she guarantees that she has been explicitly manhandled by David Kellet who was likewise unfaithful to her, which she results to have had a mental meltdown. Knight says Mr. Saunders has additionally rewarded her severely and was brutal to her. Them two clarify that the thing she said about the explicitly or genuinely manhandling isn't accurate and to be sure that â€Å"they were the ones being ambushed by her†. Her personal responsibility of retribution is the most significant job influencing her to perpetrate criminal conduct, her solid thought of vengeance which prompts fulfillment. It is her inclination to perniciously vindicate any individual who crosses her and she accepts that, that is the thing that they merit. The issue isn't that she didn't have any acquaintance with it wasn't right to do such thing, however that she couldn't have cared less about doing them†¦Ã¢â‚¬  The meeting by Dr. Lambeth arrived at a comparative finish of the prisoner’s intrigue and satisfaction in savagery. Detailing and examination of the wrongdoing. Residents must assume a significant job in the criminal equity framework by detailing wrongdoing. Toward the beginning of the day of Mr. costs demise, around the first of March 2001, Police were called by nearby neighbor Mr who was dubious of Mr. Cost as Mr. Cost referenced before to him Knight may kill him at any point in the near future. By revealing the police, activity had the option to be taken a lot quicker by proficient police and there was less an ideal opportunity to dispose of proof of executing for Knight. Police had discovered Mr. Price’s body to have been wounded at any rate multiple times in different pieces of his body back and front. His blood was discovered splattered and spread all through different pieces of the house and in a pool. The police found the blood not completely hardened and had just dried at edges, of the first of March in 2000. An assessment of the blood recolors, their varying attributes and example of event in different pieces of the house, set up that Mr. Cost was first assaulted by the detainee in the chief room of the premises when he was in a supine stance. His body was discovered completely cleaned his body and his head cleaved off and overflowed with vegetables. The manner in which he was cleaned was done proficient and flawlessly and is required by an exceptionally gifted individual with blade to have the option to do as such. Mary who has been filling in as a meat slicer in abattoirs for quite a long time is clearly an enormous suspect. Anyway Knight guarantees that she has no clue or memory of Mr. Price’s passing. She guarantees that she can't remember anything and don't think about anything. The detainee claims not to recall that anything of the consequence of slaughtering. Anyway so much proof uncovers that the killer is Knight. The way that the cutting of his body required an expert experienced individual with the blade and the enormous dangers about the reality she was going to execute Mr. Cost to Mr. Cost and numerous others. The Plea Knight was summoned on 2 February, 2001 on a charge of having killed John Charles Thomas. She argued not blameworthy. The preliminary was at first fixed for 23 July, 2001 yet was suspended because of the ailment of her direction. She kept up her supplication of not liable and the preliminary was re-fixed for 15 October, 2001. After a clinical appraisal the detainee was authoritatively accused of the homicide on 18 October 2001 and confessed to the charge. The court acknowledged her supplication of blameworthy her conviction of homicide was recorded. Elements influencing the sentence choice. The three factors that influence condemning choice in this criminal case incorporate exasperating, alleviating and emotional elements. Katherine Mary Knight has submitted a homicide which falls into the most genuine classification of homicide and it is demonstrated past sensible uncertainty that the homicide was planned. She utilized a sharp butcher blade to kill and wounded him in any event multiple times just as consummately cleaning his entire body. At some point before she killed him she made various dangers to him about his passing. After she had killed him, she expressed that she had no memory of the homicide what so ever to the police. She attempted to get away from her situation of wrongdoing by attempting to accuse everything for her psychological character issue. She arranged the homicide as well as really appreciated the horrendous demonstrations which prompted passing and pollution. After the passing of Mr. Value, she demonstrated comprehension, volition, quiet and ability and indicated no regret or blame by any means. There were four issues going on the moderation of the punishment was the way that the detainee confessed to the charge of homicide, the marginal character issue analyzed in the detainee, the nonattendance of any earlier pertinent criminal record with respect to the detainee and that the nature of benevolence would not be stressed were a limited sentence to be forced on the detainee. Despite the fact that the detainee professes to have no memory of numerous occasions to the demise of Mr Price, the awful homicide was planned. Despite the fact that she professes to have no memory, her endeavors to demonstrate moderation is viewed as just attempting to shut out the horrifying occasions brought about by her. It is said by Dr. Delaforce that â€Å"she knew the nature and nature of the acts†¦was mindful around then that those demonstrations weren't right. † Her activities were a feeling of ‘pay back’ and she attempted to make herself look distraught. Anyway Dr. Delaforce clarified that the manner in which she submitted the homicide indicated the corruption of her activities which doesn't really mean frenzy. The degree to which the law adjusts the privilege of casualty and guilty party. The degree to the law which adjusts the privileges of Knight and Mr Price appears to sensibly just. Knight carried out a wrongdoing that is Knight’s life detainment appears to be quite sensible as she will be a huge danger to the network in the event that she is liberated and for her horrifying demonstration of homicide towards Mr Price. Knight reserved the option to place in an intrigue, have solid qualified legal advisors and to have a state. Despite the fact that Knight is rebuffed to life detainment, the deplorability of Mr Price and his family isn't simply. Mr. Cost went to a chamber Magistrate at Scone Court House on 29, February 2000 and seeked a captured savagery request and educated the chamber justice that he needed to cut off his association with her to forestall her entering his life. The main issue is that he didn't report it prior and not long after this visit, he kicked the bucket. Knight reserved the privilege to apply for an intrigue, and despite the fact that her allure was through it was not appear to be sensible and was dismissed. The law prevailing with regards to adjusting the rights as it contemplated the effect the circumstance had on the victim’s family. So as to be simply it alluded to past cases, for example,

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Julius Caesar Essays (861 words) - Julius Caesar, Iulii, Cleopatra

Julius Caesar The time of Julius Caesar was when numerous individuals' emotions toward the government started to change. This was one of the principal times in Roman history at the point when individuals started to scrutinize the intensity of their ruler. In the play, The Tragedy of Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare, we see a concise image of this Roman life during the hour of the First Triumvirate. In this depiction, numerous tragic things happen because of these solid sentiments towards the legislature of that time. Shakespeare gives us that numerous individuals attempt to go around what's in store, for example, lamentable things, by being odd. Strange notion appears to assume a job in the essential day by day life of most Roman residents, and exists as a significant, main factor in the occasions and result of the play itself. The setting of the primary scene of the play is based upon odd notion. The Feast of Lupercal is out of appreciation for the god Pan, the sovereign of richness. During this time, barren females should have the option to reproduce, and ripe ones should have the option to hold up under additional. It is likewise a assumed time of sexual glorification and joy. Different scenes portray how baffling sooth-sayers, who are probably enabled to anticipate the future, wander the lanes of Rome. Directing what is to come through pithy goodies, these individuals may likewise be viewed as offbeat. In the opening scene, one sooth-sayer, old in his years, cautions Caesar to Be careful the Ides of March, a reprimand of Caesar's looming demise. In spite of the fact that sooth-sayers are viewed by numerous individuals as crazy, distant lower classmen, a great arrangement of them, clearly including the sayer Caesar experienced, are without a doubt directly on the mark. Since they do not have any conventional office or shop, and they anticipate forthcomings without charge, one can see effectively why residents would doubt their forecasts. Strange notion, as a rule components, for example, the Feast of Lupercal, as well as on an individual level, for example, with the sooth-sayers, is a significant factor in deciding the occasions and the result of The Tragedy of Julius Caesar, and a critical power all through the whole course of the play. Previously the play completely disentangles, we see different indications of Caesar's sad end. Beside the sooth-sayer's admonition, we see another sign during Caesar's encounter with the Augerers, the contemporary clairvoyants. They discover No heart in the brute, which they decipher as exhortation to Caesar that he ought to stay at home. Caesar forgets about it and considers it a reprimand from the divine beings, which means that he is a quitter on the off chance that he doesn't go out, thus he excuses the savvy exhortation as gossip. In any case, the following morning, his better half Calpurnia awakens terrified because of a ghastly bad dream. She tells Caesar of a fight breaking out in the heart of Rome, Which showered blood upon the Capitol, with Caesar agonizingly biting the dust, to such an extent that ...The sky themselves blast forward the demise of sovereigns. Although Caesar acknowledges Calpurnia is really worried about his prosperity, he looks for another translation, arriving at the resolution that the individual who envisions the fantasy may not be the most shrewd one to decipher it's which means. Later Caesar enlightens his loyal friend Decius regarding it, and he deciphers it an incredible opposite, That it was a dream reasonable and blessed, and without a doubt, today is a perfect day to go out, since this is the day To give a crown to powerful Caesar. Perhaps Decius is inferring here that today is where much thankfulness and examination will be given to Caesar, clearly not the danger of his prosperity as Calpurnia deciphers it. Caesar typically concurs with him, as most residents appreciate accepting the increasingly positive of two understandings. After Caesar's death at the hand of Brutus, Cassius, and the remainder of the schemers, Brutus and Cassius are pursued into the open country, where we see a couple of offbeat indications of their expected agonizing demise in fight. In a fantasy, Brutus sees Caesar's phantom, deciphered as a sign of his annihilation. He likewise views the ensign, and rather than the typical load of birds, ravens and kites supplant them, interpreted as another indication of their misfortune at Phillipi. As anyone might expect, Caesar's demise is retaliated for at long last, with two of the backstabbers, Titanius and Brutus' twofold self destruction. The play, The Tragedy of Julius Caesar, by William Shakespeare, obviously uncovers how significant notion was to the individuals of Rome at the hour of

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Fresh Food!

Fresh Food! Dining is a hot topic here, and rightfully so cause a tooling MIT student has got to eat. In fact, all college students need to eat (hopefully that wasnt surprising to hear). No matter which school you attend, most likely youll be at the mercy of whatever treats the school gives you. Today, something magical is happening. Students, DSL team up to bring produce stand to campus Anne Wilson, Campus Dining March 27, 2009 A cooperative effort between students and Division of Student Life is bearing fruit in the form of a campus produce stand that will open for business beginning Tuesday, March 31. The MIT Market will sell fruits and vegetables from noon to 6 p.m. on Tuesdays in the East Campus Courtyard near Walker Memorial. The stand will be run by Russos, the Watertown-based retailer that won the Best Produce category in Boston magazines 2007 Best of Boston rankings. Sophomore Vrajesh Modi, an Undergraduate Association Senator from East Campus, proposed the project to Dean for Student Life Chris Colombo in January after working with other students to poll East Campus residents about ways to make fruits and vegetables more accessible and affordable. Modi, who called the fruit and vegetable stand idea a unanimous choice, then worked with staff in Residential Life and Campus Dining to make the project a reality. Ideally, we would like to see the student body at large use this and see it have a positive impact on health and wellness at MIT, said Modi. We would also like to see this become a permanent part of the culture and the dining system. (You can read the rest here.) As for me, Im flippin EXCITED! I dont care much for most fruits as they make my throat itch, but there are many vegetables which I love. Right now, its 11:54AM. I happened to get out of class early today. Im sitting in my room facing the EC courtyard, tapping my feet. Consider this a bit of a liveblog. 11:55AM: Check wallet. Cash? Check. 11:56AM: *wonders if just one $20 bill would be enough* 11:57AM: *goes outside*! ~12:00PM: Vrajesh 11 (not pictured) opens the grand opening ceremony with a short thanks to everyone who helped, then Dean Colombo cuts the ribbon. Shopping commences. 12:19PM: THIS LINE IS REALLY LONG. And somehow it got colder, but Im just glad its so nice out. ~12:25PM: I now have a huge head of romaine lettuce, a bunch of snow peas, one red bell pepper, a variety of potatoes, a pound of carrots, and a bulb of garlic. And it only cost me $6! And I only stopped because I couldnt carry more in my hands, because I hadnt thought to bring some bigger, more environmentally friendly bag.. -_-. ~12:35PM: The lettuce is so huge it pretty much takes up the entirety of my dorm-sized crisper. With everything else inside, it doesnt really close anymore.. ah well. 12:37PM: Even Lulus cat wants to see what all the fuss is about. I plan to go back and buy a few more things, like green beans and maybe some herbs. Hmm, what should I make for dinner? :)

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Why Did the Americans Win the Mexican-American War

From 1846 to 1848, the United States of America and Mexico fought the Mexican-American War. There were many causes of the war, but the biggest reasons were Mexicos lingering resentment over the loss of Texas and the Americans desire for Mexicos western lands, such as California and New Mexico. The Americans believed their nation should extend to the Pacific: this belief was called Manifest Destiny. The Americans invaded on three fronts. A relatively small expedition was sent to secure the desired western territories: it soon conquered California and the rest of the current U.S. southwest. A second invasion came from the north through Texas. A third landed near Veracruz and fought its way inland. By late 1847, the Americans had captured Mexico City, which made the Mexicans agree to a peace treaty which ceded all of the lands the U.S. had wanted. But why did the U.S. win? The armies sent to Mexico were relatively small, peaking at about 8,500 soldiers. The Americans were outnumbered in nearly every battle they fought. The entire war was fought on Mexican soil, which should have given the Mexicans an advantage. Yet not only did the Americans win the war, they also won every major engagement. Why did they win so decisively? The U.S. had Superior Firepower Artillery (cannons and mortars) was an important part of warfare in 1846. The Mexicans had decent artillery, including the legendary St. Patricks Battalion, but the Americans had the best in the world at the time. American cannon crews had roughly double the effective range of their Mexican counterparts and their deadly, accurate fire made the difference in several battles, most notably the Battle of Palo Alto. Also, the Americans first deployed the flying artillery in this war: relatively lightweight but deadly cannons and mortars that could be swiftly redeployed to different parts of the battlefield as needed. This advance in artillery strategy greatly helped the American war effort. Better Generals The American invasion from the north was led by General Zachary Taylor, who would later become President of the United States. Taylor was an excellent strategist: when faced with the imposingly fortified city of Monterrey, he saw its weakness right away: the fortified points of the city were too far from one another: his battle plan was to pick them off one by one. The second American army, attacking from the east, was led by General Winfield Scott, probably the best tactical General of his generation. He liked to attack where he was least expected and more than once surprised his opponents by coming at them from seemingly out of nowhere. His plans for battles such as Cerro Gordo and Chapultepec were masterful. The Mexican Generals, such as the legendarily inept Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna, were way outclassed. Better Junior Officers The Mexican-American War was the first in which officers trained at the West Point Military Academy saw serious action. Time and again, these men proved the value of their education and skill. More than one battle turned on the actions of a brave Captain or Major. Many of the men who were junior officers in this war would become Generals 15 years later in the Civil War, including Robert E. Lee, Ulysses S. Grant, P.G.T. Beauregard, George Pickett, James Longstreet, Stonewall Jackson, George McClellan, George Meade, Joseph Johnston, and others. General Winfield Scott himself said that he would not have won the war without the men from West Point under his command. Infighting Among the Mexicans Mexican politics was extremely chaotic at that time. Politicians, Generals and other would-be leaders fought for power, making alliances and stabbing one another in the back. Mexicos leaders were unable to unite even in the face of a common enemy battling its way across Mexico. General Santa Anna and General Gabriel Victoria hated one another so badly that at the Battle of Contreras, Victoria purposely left a hole in Santa Annas defenses, hoping the Americans would exploit it and make Santa Anna look bad: Santa Anna returned the favor by not coming to Victorias aid when the Americans attacked his position. This is only one example of many of Mexican military leaders putting their own interests first during the war. Poor Mexican Leadership If Mexicos generals were bad, their politicians were worse. The Presidency of Mexico changed hands several times during the Mexican-American War. Some administrations lasted only days. Generals removed politicians from power and vice-versa. These men often differed ideologically from their predecessors and successors, making any kind of continuity impossible. In the face of such chaos, troops were rarely paid or given what they needed to win, such as ammunition. Regional leaders, such as governors, often refused to send any aid at all to the central government, in some cases because they had serious problems of their own at home. With no one firmly in command, the Mexican war effort was doomed to fail. Better Resources The American government committed plenty of cash to the war effort. The soldiers had good guns and uniforms, enough food, high-quality artillery and horses and just about everything else they needed. The Mexicans, on the other hand, were totally broke during the entire war. Loans were forced from the rich and the church, but still corruption was rampant and the soldiers were poorly equipped and trained. Ammunition was often in short supply: the Battle of Churubusco might have resulted in a Mexican victory, had ammunition arrived for the defenders in time. Mexicos Problems The war with the U.S. was certainly Mexicos biggest problem in 1847†¦but it wasnt the only one. In the face of the chaos in Mexico City, small rebellions were breaking out all over Mexico. The worst was in the Yucatà ¡n, where indigenous communities which had been repressed for centuries took up arms in the knowledge that the Mexican army was hundreds of miles away. Thousands were killed and by 1847 the major cities were under siege. The story was similar elsewhere as impoverished peasants rebelled against their oppressors. Mexico also had enormous debts and no money in the treasury to pay them. By early 1848 it was an easy decision to make peace with the Americans: it was the easiest of the problems to solve, and the Americans were also willing to give Mexico $15 million as part of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo. Sources Eisenhower, John S.D. So Far from God: the U.S. War with Mexico, 1846-1848. Norman: the University of Oklahoma Press, 1989Henderson, Timothy J. A Glorious Defeat: Mexico and its War with the United States.New York: Hill and Wang, 2007.Hogan, Michael. The Irish Soldiers of Mexico. Createspace, 2011.Wheelan, Joseph. Invading Mexico: Americas Continental Dream and the Mexican War, 1846-1848. New York: Carroll and Graf, 2007.

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Nursing and Health Care - 1204 Words

Impact of Institute of Medicine on Nursing Ermina Rosic Grand Canyon University: NRS-430V December 14, 2014 The Institute of Medicine Report On Future of Nursing The Institute of Medicine (IOM) is a national, independent, non-profit organization whose purpose is to provide guidance, advice, and analysis of the field of medicine. The recent IOM report regarding the future of nursing gives us a glimpse of the dynamic and progressive changes that the field of nursing will experience in the coming decade. The Institute of Medicine (IOM, 2012) report focuses on the nurses as the largest group of health care professionals and identifies nurses as key leaders in health care reform. The nursing profession is the largest group of†¦show more content†¦To have strong leadership skills registered nurses must be knowledgeable and competent in the area of their expertise. Some of the additional competencies include great communication skills, data-driven decision making, health care system operations, and principles of team work and care coordination (Lakasse, 2013). Nurses need to expand leadership skills beyond the clinical setting to improve and support the vision for the health care. Changing Current Practice to Meet the Goals of IOM As professionals we must remember that we cannot continue to practice based on attitudes such as â€Å"we have always done it this way†, or â€Å"if is it not broken we do not need to fix it.† We must allow ourselves to grow in our profession and in healthcare. Nurses must be self-motivated to learn and to follow the recommendations from the IOM (2010) by pursuing additional certifications and constantly being students of their craft. In essence, the IOM report advocates improving ourselves in order to help our patients. In the coming years, with the increased number of nurses trained to higher levels, we will see a trend towards an expanded scope of practice, greater autonomy, and uniform practice. This evolution, not only advocated by the IOM but necessitated by the changing healthcare environment, will allow nursing as a profession to take on a greater role not only in the delivery of careShow MoreRelatedNursing An d Health Care Administrator1103 Words   |  5 PagesGiving Nurses More Respect For Sara P. Thomas Nursing and Health Care Administrator Benson Mathew Nursing Student Irving, TX January 4, 2015 1200 Indy Circle Irving, TX 75060 January 04, 2015 Sara P. Thomas Nursing and Health Care Administrator 1901 North MacArthur Boulevard Irving, TX 75061 Dear Mrs. Thomas: This is my report for Giving Nurses More Respect I ve learned a lot about all the work that nurses do in hospitals while researching for this report. IveRead MoreThe Field Of Nursing And Health Care1534 Words   |  7 Pagesincrease in day surgery procedures and an ambitious public health agenda have all increased demands on the workforce† (Carr Pearson, 2005, p. 72). Therefore, the health care teams are now trying to adjust to the changes as well as meet the new demands (Carr Pearson, 2005). As with most health care setting, there is a wide variety of health care workers with different skill sets. The diverse level of skills and roles in the health care system allows the increased workload to be spread appropriatelyRead MoreStaffing: Nursing and Health Care5068 Words   |  21 Pagesï » ¿KENYA METHODIST UNIVERSITY SCHOOL:MEDICINE AND HEALTH SCIENCES DEPARTMENT:NURSING COURSE CODE :NRSG 355 COURSE TITLE :NURSING ADMINISTRATION PRESENTED TO :MR KAILEMIA PRESENTED BY :MARGARET WANJIRU WANYIRI REGISTRATION NO:BSN-1-7130-3/2010 CASE STUDY:NURSE STAFFING PATTERNS ,INADEQUACIES AND POSSIBLE REMEDIAL MEASURES IN NYERI PROVINCIAL HOSPITAL DUE DATE :17TH MARCH 2014 Introduction Nyeri general hospital was started in the early 1930s as a military hospitalRead MoreTransforming Nursing And Health Care1702 Words   |  7 Pages TRANSFORMING NURSING AND HEALTH CARE WEEK 4 ASSIGNMENT: APPLICATION USING THE DATA/INFORMATION/KNOWLEDGE/WISDOM CONTINUUM INTRODUCTION Theory is one of the fundamental blocks of each scientific discipline.It is impossible to imagine biology without the theory of Evolution or physics without the theory of Relativity.Nursing informatics ,a relatively new discipline,is also thirsty for its own theory.However,it is challenging to find literature that provides clear theoretical guidance for nurseRead MoreThe Health Care System Of Nursing1231 Words   |  5 PagesFuture of Nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Health, emphasizes that strong nursing leadership is necessary to improve patient safety outcomes and that the nursing profession must enhance its leadership role in health care redesign† (Fardellone, Musil, Smith, Click, 2014, p. 506). As described by the Institute of Medicine, leaders in nursing have a vital role throughout the health care system (Fardellone et al., 2014). In the health care system there are many different types of nursing leadersRead MoreNursing Is A Profession Of Health Care Essay2100 Wor ds   |  9 PagesNursing is a profession in health care that concentrates on the deliberation of the patients and their families. Nurses also assist in public health care that educates communities how to prevent sickness and also to stay healthy. They have a responsibility to care for patients during illness and provide support during recovery. Along with support and care, nurses have many other roles as well. As a present nursing student, I have many questions towards the fact how nursing will be like in a realRead MoreThe Impact Of Nursing Care On Health Care Quality1453 Words   |  6 Pages The Impact of Nursing Care on Health Care Quality Tasha N. Herndon Duquesne University GPNG 525 Organizational and Clinical Leadership in Nursing and Healthcare Carolyn Griffin October 31, 2015 The Impact of Nursing Care on Health Care quality Nurses are the primary caregivers in all health care settings. Nursing care is an essential part of patient care and delivered in many diverse settings. The quantity of nurses and their vital role in caregiving are compelling motives for determiningRead MoreNursing And Health Care Practices2081 Words   |  9 PagesIndividualized care that involves focusing all the care activities around an individual patient’s wants and needs, has been highlighted as the key element in most of the heath care policies (ETENE, 2001; Lynn McMillen,1999). NMC (2015) also states that we should always treat the people as an individual and must uphold their rights and dignity at all times. Hence, both the Nursing and Health care ethics emphasize on the importance and value of each patient as an individual (Smith et al.,1999; SuhonenRead MoreComfort Care For Nursing As A Philosophy Of Health Care1353 Words   |  6 PagesIntroduction Kolcaba defines comfort care for nursing as a â€Å"philosophy of health care that focuses on addressing physical, psychospiritual, sociocultural, and environmental comfort needs of patients (kolcaba, 2003, p. 252). With regards to end of life, the national cancer institute defines comfort care as care give to improve the quality of life of patient who has a serious or life threatening disease. Practicing in the area of hospice, I am often faced with caring for patients at end of life. IRead MoreThe Relationship Between Nursing And Health Care1680 Words   |  7 Pagesexplores the concept of teamwork in relation to nursing and health care, and focuses on the meaning of cohesion among groups, and the importance of cohesion in the functioning of nursing teams and interprofessional teams. Throughout the discussion, the main focus is placed on how cohesion affects job satisfaction in nursing, the quality of care provided by nurses, and turnover of registered nurses. The Term ‘Team’ in Relation to Nursing and Health Care The concept ‘team’ is generally described as two

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MBA Future Free Essays

I have a strong interest in pursuing a master of business administration (MBA) degree, as I believe it will be beneficial in helping me achieve my short term and long-term goals. It will make me competent enough to fit in the wider job market. This will come with increased income earning which is a key to good life. We will write a custom essay sample on MBA Future or any similar topic only for you Order Now Good life or better living is everyone’s dream while advancing in one’s career and being no exceptional I want to pursue it for that cause. I have a wealth of experience from my educational background. I have also gained work experience from different positions over the years the degree will improve my efficiency when combined with the qualities I already have. I intend to take a major in marketing that I have been specializing in and a minor in entrepreneurship. I took a B.A Business Administration with a concentration in marketing. I graduated with a 3.5 in major and outstanding performance rendered me honors. Currently I am working within media advertising that comprises of television and radio. Pursuing this degree will equip me with the necessary expertise to be in the capacity of handling of handling issues appropriately especially at senior positions. Since my long term goal is to be president of a company. (http://www.unhmba.org) My other interest is researching brand management and the degree program will enrich me in skills needed in this area. I will be better placed with the ground information and the theoretical skills from the class. I have demonstrable ability to perform excellently in business classes and given the opportunity I would be outstanding in business school. My main interest is in the entertainment industry of which I have a solid background on. In 2001 I worked for a small marketing and event-planning firm that has now advanced. My 3 years experience when working with Sony-BMG as an assistance field marketing representative gave me exposure to the world of marketing and is a plus to my skills. I am proud to be part of the team that saw eWork Inc company grow from a small marketing and research to what the company is now. I was very influential especially on the Southeast region. I handle more than 30 people in my current position the skills I would get will improve my leadership skills. Working in my current position entails conducting movie surveys as well as holding premiers for upcoming movies. I am part owner of a t-shirt company that deals with presidential candidate. This entails strategic. Marketing plans to succeed and hence calls for skills or tact. To gain maximum exposure we plan to participate in the famous Oprah Winfrey show. My long-term goal of being a president of a T.V production company and being responsible for the marketing and company sponsorships will be well realized after attaining skills in the MBA program. (http://www.unhmba.org) I have constantly been involved in volunteering activities like in a mentor program that helps risk teens, AID Atlanta, hands on Atlanta and MS walk where I was among the top. Taking classes in the spring will enable me to be well prepared in joining the business school. My main reasons for choosing University of D and Wayne state is that its location will reduce the distance barriers from my fiancà © who has just moved to Detroit. They offer attractive placement rates and the small classes will offer a favorable or conducive environment for learning. It is also in a place where jobs will be easily accessible. Reference: United Network of help with Masters of Business Administration programs.2007. Retrieved on 31st October 2007 from http://www.unhmba.org    How to cite MBA Future, Essay examples

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Richard Branson and the Virgin Group of Companies in 2007 free essay sample

A. Problem Summary â€Å"Richard, you will end up in prison or as a millionaire†. These are the words of the headmaster of Stowe, a private boarding school Branson dropped out at 17. His success started by publishing a magazine called Student, then he moved on to mail order records. This is where the Virgin Group started. Richard Branson has developed his brand in a large variety of markets. The over-familiarity of the Virgin brand has caused the consumers to not take the brand in a serious manner. One might argue that he stretched his brand too thin. This lack of focus and over-diversification could result in further over investments in projects that do not hold a steady future. In this paper we will brake down the strategic of sense of apparent entrepreneurial chaos. We will address topics such as key resources, dominant logic, characteristics of markets that conform to this logic, and designing a corporate strategy and structure. We will write a custom essay sample on Richard Branson and the Virgin Group of Companies in 2007 or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page B. Analysis †¢ Key Resources o Virgin Brand The Virgin name is the group’s most important asset. The group is involved in a variety of different business ranging from airlines, books, jewelry to limousines. The Virgin Brand strives for value for money, good quality, brilliant customer service, innovation, competitively challenging and fun. The customers receive these attributes in a variety of ways. This is the brand’s competitive advantage. o Branson Branson’s eccentric personality, laid-back look and charisma are the essence of the Virgin brand. Branson embodied the spirit of â€Å"New Britain† to his generation because of his image and entrepreneurial spirit. Branson acted as a magnet for potential entrepreneurs; his brand actively encouraged the creating of fresh business ideas to its development office in London, Sidney and New York. Branson’s opposition to corporate offices led him to conduct business from family homes, houseboats, and vacation homes. His image exuded a carefree approach to exploring new ventures. Branson was impressed by the Japanese approach to business. Their long-term development and focus on organic growth were the key points Branson admired. His networking skills started a very young age. His first team was comprised of childhood friend Nik Powell, and affluent individuals such as Simon Draper and Mike Oldfield. Key management of the Virgin Group is the informal relations between Branson and a small core of long-term associates who form the senior management team of the group. Branson considers cash flow and capital value as important performance indicators, rather than concentrating in accounting profits. His tendency to avoid short-term taxable profits makes his approach ideal, concentrating in long-term capital growth instead. †¢ Dominant Logic The ability of the Virgin Group to operate effectively with so little structure or management systems owes much to the group’s unique organizational culture. This is defined almost entirely by Branson’s management style. His style reflects his sense of fun, disrespect for hierarchy and formal authority, commitment to employees and consumers and belief in hard work and individual responsibility. †¢ Characteristics of Markets that Conform to this Logic o Consumer Branson wanted to offer consumers a â€Å"new deal† by continually being on the lookout for business opportunities. Branson did so by involving venture with direct sales to consumers and passing on the cost savings from bypassing traditional distribution channels. o Dominant Incumbent Branson’s Virgin Travel is the dominant incumbent Virgin brand company. Post 2002 recovery in the airline industry, Virgin Travel was able to turn the largest profit of the Virgin Groups. o High Entry Barriers to Other Start-ups The airline and galactic companies both involve high entry barriers and significant start up costs. In addition to costs, Branson also had to negotiate with governments in order to receive approval. o Branson/Virgin Image Appeals to Customers Branson believed in multiple companies interlocking through managerial and equity linkages in a collaborative network. He accomplished this by having small companies combined and believes â€Å"small is beautiful† with strength through unity. Branson is a strong advocate of sticking it to the large corporations. †¢ Designing a Corporate Strategy and Structure o Business Model Virgin Group is built upon the theory of creating an entrepreneurial incubator and diversifying the corporation as much as possible. Branson does not want his best people to leave the company and start their own ventures. Instead, he prefers to develop them into millionaires within. The company is focused on diversifying into many markets. Some of these markets include travel, jewelry, entertainment, records, and mobile. His corporate strategy is focused on cash flow and capital value. He wants to increase his company’s real value and a long-term cash generation potential. He does not care about his accounting profit. o Type of Structure The Virgin Group is structured as if they are 150 small companies. Each one stands on its own two feet, as if they are their own companies. Employees have a stake in their success. They feel they are crucial to their individual company because they are one-in-fifty or one-in a hundred instead of one-in-tens-of-thousands. All of the companies are under the Virgin umbrella, but none of them are looked at, as simply a subsidiary. C. Alternatives As for the scope for New Approaches to Customer Service, Branson wants to create value for the customers entering with a new anti-establishment attitude, which sought to offer customers a better alternative. Branson hoped to bring a breath of fresh air. Virgin’s brilliant customer service approach strived to be â€Å"friendly, human, and relaxed; professional but not corporate†. According to the financial results of select Virgin Companies from 2004 to 2006. Virgin Retail Limited had a negative net profit in 2004. This branch of Virgin could be looked at to potentially divest. In order to maintain the Virgin name a success. Branson may look to consolidate some of his different brands in the future. With the threat of Britain’s capital gains tax laws, this could eliminate the advantages of multiple off shore companies, which Branson is involved in. D. Recommendation We feel the best alternative for Branson and his Virgin Brand would be to look into divesting out of some markets and focusing more on a smaller scale. Richard should look into investing more into the companies that are performing well and stray from unprofitable, high-risk markets. If Branson looks at the financial standpoint of his companies and possibly divest in the poor performing ones, he could potentially be more successful. Overall, Branson has been mostly successful in his quest for Virgin dominance. There is some room for improvement in Branson’s strategies; however, he is going to do what Branson wants to do. And this strategy has obviously been successful thus far.